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What Is The Alcoholics Anonymous Responsibility Statement?

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Individuals who engage with groups like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) are already aware of the benefits of accountability in their recovery journeys.  Alcoholics Anonymous responsibility statement, otherwise known as the AA “I am responsible” statement, reads as follows:

I am responsible when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help. I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.

Bill W., the co-founder of AA, emphasized the pivotal role of responsibility in the program’s capacity to aid others. He also underscored the importance of cooperative efforts in upholding this responsibility. During the formation of AA, Bill advocated for individuals committed to assisting others to actively support and comprehend these research endeavors. Today, you will learn:

  • What is the AA responsibility statement?
  • What does I am responsible AA mean?
  • How to connect with alcohol addiction treatment in Southern California.
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The Meaning of The AA Responsibility Pledge

Alcoholics Anonymous I am responsible statement has a significant place in the context of recovery and community support. This commitment emphasizes the crucial role of personal responsibility in helping those battling alcohol addictions.

It represents the spirit of mutual aid and support that is fundamental to the ethos of Alcoholics Anonymous and similar peer support groups. The responsibility pledge AA symbolizes the dedication of individuals within these communities to be there for one another, extending a helping hand whenever it is needed.

Embedded in the pledge is the recognition of the collective responsibility shared by all members to contribute to the overall recovery process. This mutual support engenders an environment of understanding, empathy, and assistance, promoting a sense of accountability and unity among participants. Through the responsibility statement AA, individuals affirm their commitment to be a source of strength and guidance for anyone seeking help, echoing the core principles of camaraderie and compassion that underpin the mission of AA.

How about the responsibility statement origin?

The History of The Responsibility Statement

The responsibility statement AA holds a meaningful place in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Crafted for the 1965 A.A. International Convention in Toronto, the statement embodies the core ethos of the organization, highlighting the responsibility of every member to extend a helping hand to anyone seeking support.

Former AA trustee Al S. is recognized as the author of this powerful declaration. The origins of the responsibility prayer AA reflect the values of mutual aid, empathy, and fellowship that underpin the Alcoholics Anonymous program, promoting an environment of understanding and camaraderie among participants. Bill W. stressed the importance of responsibility in helping others and promoting cooperation among members to understand and advocate ongoing research in the field of addiction and alcoholism. The responsibility statement remains a testament to the enduring commitment of AA to provide unwavering support and compassion for anyone who is struggling with addiction.

In a Grapevine article in October 1965, the Responsibility Statement was discussed, with Bill W. emphasizing the significance of AA’s impact and the ongoing challenge of alcoholism. Bill highlighted the necessity for collaboration with various organizations addressing alcoholism, urging AA members not to dismiss these efforts but to unite with them in the common goal of helping those suffering from alcoholism. He underscored that the priority of AA members should be to reach problem drinkers who have not yet connected with the organization.

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